Lysergic acid diethylamide, better known by its initials in English LSD is a hallucinogenic drug, which in small doses, produces powerful effects. During a "trip" (travel) may take eight to 24 hours, the person enters a surreal world of bright colors and a multitude of confusing thoughts sensanciones which can range from joy and euphoria, more intense horrific thoughts of fear and fear.


For many years, dietilalamida lysergic acid or LSD, was known only by a small number of psychiatrists or psychotherapists, who found some use of it in the study of some mental illnesses. However, in the sixties, due to the propaganda carried out on the fact that LSD could make a "greater knowledge of the inner self, drug abuse spread quickly.

However, cocaine use has dropped considerably today, although still some young people use regularly. Nowadays, most LSD is produced illegally, achieving a few grammes of drug, huge amounts of money on the black market.


Pure LSD is a bit tasteless and colorless, which is obtained from a fungus, ergot. Once synthesized, diluted thousands of times with water, mixing small amounts of LSD dissolved in water, together with an inert base forming colored tablets or pills of unusual forms, or because they put some drops in sugar land consumption. Ergot is the mycelium of a fungus, Claviceps purpurea, which grows on certain grasses, especially rye.

The contamination of the plant is done by the stigma at the time of flowering, and the fungus grows in the ovary where it forms a large sclerotium, or ergot black, replacing the seed and contains various substances such as alkaloids, among which the ergotoxina and ergotamine.



LSD acts by altering the way in which messages are transmitted between different brain cells. A few overexcited brain nerve pathways. Sensory or sensory messages from the eyes, ears and other senses, do not receive any type of filtration, releasing torrents of information made conscious areas of the brain.

Those ideas or concepts, which normally would be stored separately in the brain are connected, producing fantastic species of mental associations.

Also, in the unconscious memories olvidades may recur with great lucidity and clarity in the mind of the individual. From the physical point of view, the drug can cause nausea, dizziness, tremors, uncoordinated and mydriasis or enlargement of the pupils of the eyes of people who have run continuously.

LSD has no physical addiction, in the sense that when consumed regularly, they are not physically ill Where the stop drinking. However, the effects of a "trip" can be very dangerous. Often, those who use LSD often have serious social problems or personality and psychologically at risk of drug dependent.



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